What Is Dental Implant Restoration?

The art of dental implant restoration is quite simple: you will go for a treatment process that will mean the implant is restored to its original self. This could often mean restoring the area where the tooth is fitted, or also restoring bridges which connect implants together. Implants tend to be used ahead of other options, such as bridges, as they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing as well as more suited to the long-term care that you need. Often, restoration is used to help keep the tooth in good condition. It will be looked after by making sure it retains the strength and durability that it should.

Types Of Implants and Restorations?

With so many different kinds of dental implants to pick from today, you can find it quite hard to know exactly what you actually need. Typically, though, the most common forms of dental implants will include single or multiple tooth replacements. These often give you a chance to restore teeth which are missing, making sure that that they are supported with high quality bridgework that maintains the strength of the tooth/teeth which are fitted.

Other common forms of implant include that of over-dentures. These are often used when two or more implants are placed close together to help provide extra stability. These over-dentures will help to protect the bone, and has become a common part of high quality dental care.

In terms of actual styles of implants, the most common are endosteal implants. These are mostly suited for all patients with a secure, healthy jaw structure. Another common choice is that of subperiosteal implants which work to help add extra protection on top of the jaw bone instead of being fixed into it. This is a very secure, strong form of dental implant that is very popular.

In terms of restoration, most forms of restoration take place in a similar manner. Restoration often involves checking the condition of the implant and ensuring there are no issues with the fit, strength, structure or durability of the tooth itself.


When Do You Need A Dental Implant Restoration?

Often, you will want to consider getting a dental implant restoration when you feel like your implant is beginning to wear down. With regular maintenance and restorative treatment, though, the implants that you have fitted could – and should – last you a lifetime. At Smiles That Matter, good maintenance and routine care is our top priority to look after your implant.