What Is A Crown?

A crown is a cap-like structure which sits over the entire visible portion of a natural tooth, and it is used for reinforcement or the restoration of structural or cosmetic defects in the natural teeth. A crown is also used over an implant to replace a single missing tooth. Dental crowns are made of different materials. Previously, gold-based crowns were used. Nowadays, crowns are made of tooth-coloured ceramics, metal alloys, or a combination of both.

Who Can Benefit From A Crown?

Dental crowns are commonly used by dentists for the treatment of the following issues:
  • For the cosmetic restoration of crooked or chipped teeth
  • To hide permanent teeth stains, which do not go away even after professional whitening
  • To serve as an artificial tooth attached to an implant
  • To protect weak teeth from fracturing
  • To reinforce heavily filled teeth which may spontaneously fracture under their weight
  • For strengthening a tooth which has become brittle following a root canal procedure

Our Crown Process

First, we will perform a thorough examination of your teeth to establish whether you are a suitable candidate for getting a crown.

Step 1

Step 1:Tooth Preparation

The first step in getting crowns involves preparation of the recipient’s tooth by removing a thin layer of the outer layer of the tooth. This is done to create room for the attachment of the crown.

Step 2

Step 2: Mould

Next, we will make an impression of your teeth and send it to the dental laboratory for fabrication.

Step 3

Step 3: Attachment

Once the prepared crown is received from the laboratory, we will try it on the prepared tooth to check the fit and aesthetics. If everything goes well, we will attach the crown to the tooth by using an adhesive.