Children's Dentistry

As a parent, the joy of having a child is almost incalculable. However, one thing that you will absolutely dread dealing with in time is children’s dentistry. To a young mind, the fact a person exists who sticks metal objects in their mouth is a terrifying concept. Try as you may to explain the benefits to a child, they are likely to show massive resistance to having to go to visit a dentist. At Smiles That Matter, we have created a friendly and calm environment to help reduce their dental fears.

When Does Your Child Need To See A Dentist?

As soon as a child starts to give any sign of tooth discomfort, you should absolutely look to take them to a dentist. However, many people do not take their child to see a dentist prior to the age of 2; this is far too late to be taking your child for their first trip.

You should be looking to take your child to the dentist by age 1 at the latest. You should look to take them within a six-month period of their first tooth appearing, which normally happens around six months into life.

Why does this matter? Because, put simply, your child needs to be given immediate assistance in coping with the distress they feel.

It can be tough for a child to handle dental pain, especially at such a young age. We make children’s dentistry a top priority to help look after their teeth for the long-run.