What Is A Tooth Filling?

Fillings are artificial replacements for the enamel that has become missing in your tooth. If your tooth is weak due to lack of structural depth, then you can suffer from various pain points in the tooth. A filling helps to restore the tooth back to its previous depth and strength and does a fine job of making sure it feels stronger and generally as it normally would.

What Types Of Tooth Fillings Exist?

Numerous forms of dental fillings exist. Most commonly, you will find that your filling could be made from a amalgam group of metals, including silver, tin, mercury and copper. It may also be a composite filling, which is made of a mixture of resin and glass. The third option that is most commonly used is one made of glass ionomer – a form of powdered glass that develops a chemical bond to work with your teeth, releasing fluoride into the teeth for extra protection.

Of course, you can speak with Smiles That Matter when you visit to determine what filling might be best-suited to your needs.


Our Tooth Filling Process

First off, we will evaluate the damage done and determine if a filling treatment is needed. Thereafter we will:

Step 1

Step 1:Tooth Preparation

We first shave away the excess enamel that could be in the way of the filling.

Step 2

Step 2: Coating

The shell of the tooth is then filled and coated with the substance used, often chosen from the list above.

Step 3

Step 3: Time To Set

The filling is then given time to set, and you can often leave within an hour or so of the process starting.